Is it possible to have a high quality product at a reasonable price?

Our answer is YES!

Our mission is to provide customers with exceptional products, produced to the world's highest standards, at reasonable and acceptable prices.

How is that possible?


Our PUMICE is made from frothed polyurethane. We use raw materials of only the highest quality sourced from our long-term suppliers.

Know - How

Making a PUMICE is no secret. Ours PUMICE is exceptional as a result of more than 20 years of know-how, experience, and trials. Thanks to this effort, we created the PUMICE - a perfect combination of rigidity, flexibility and abrasives, offering an outstanding usage characteristic.


Our long experience and know-how have made us successful in achieving the high quality of our products. It can be recognised by the uniform, homogeneous structure of our PUMICE. There are no holes, teardrops or any other structural inaccuracy. Therefore our products offer the same usage characteristics all over the outer surface and the inner structure.

Additionally, ALL our production crew work in the quality control department trying to create a no-mistake environment.

Research and Development

We are able to achieve this quality due to our extended Research and Development programme which includes over 30 people who use our products every single day and report to us their findings. What's more, we guarantee all our claims with the health of our families, who always use our products before we introduce them to the markets.

To prove this, we posses a certificate of State - Institution Of Hygiene stating that our products are not a hazard to health or well-being. And more importantly we have no customers complains.

All these attributes have made us a successful company in our domestic market where we have a major market share and hold the position of leader in production and supply PUMICE products.

How does it work?

PUMICE can be used to remove horny epidermis, as well as all kinds of hard-to-remove dirt from hands and feet.

The use is very simple and relies on:

  1. wetting the surface of the PUMICE,
  2. wetting the surface of skin where it will be applied,
  3. and rubbing with PUMICE on the selected area.

As a result of friction, PUMICE simultaneously removes horny epidermis as well as dirt. The speed of epidermis removal can be regulated by use of greater pressure or by intensification of rubbing movements.

During the process of rubbing, thanks to the proper structure of PUMICE, cells of hard epidermis are removed by small, slowly self-chipping particles of PUMICE. Then, it is simply enough to rinse the PUMICE and skin with water to wash them away.

Thanks to this process our PUMICE always remains colourful, does not have an unpleasant scent caused by decomposition of removed skin cells, and its surface always offers similar detersive characteristic.

This is major advantage of our PUMICE over natural volcanic rock, glass, stone or any other abrasion resisting PUMICE stones, which are not chipping out and self clearing.


After the application of our PUMICE on your skin, your hands and feet will be soft, smooth, delicate and clean. This effect may be achieved immediately after the first use.

What is more, by using PUMICE you limit the use of chemical detergents, cleaning liquids and therefore add to protection of the Natural Environment.

Our PUMICE is produced in different shapes. Their usage characteristic is independent from shape influence, and PUMICE always performs on the same level.

Other usage

What more, we suggest many other uses for our PUMICE. It can also be used for:

  1. glass cleaning,
  2. sanitation cleaning,
  3. removing insects from windscreens,
  4. cleaning and polishing: nickel, chrome and stainless steel,
  5. removing patina from copper, brass or aluminium,
  6. general washing of hard to remove dirt from different surfaces.

Our PUMICE does not scratch surfaces made of any of above materials.